Additional Services

Additional Services

A complete range

Phishing Service

The phishing service simulates the content of an e-mail that appears attractive enough to compel the victim to act. Phishing services allow you to assess your  organization’s resilience in the face of a constant cause of violation: social engineering attacks. 

Other Services

SUNPHINX provides a range of services to evaluate the network configuration and design or to manage the implementation and management from the ground up.

  • Design of secure infrastructures 
  • Managed firewall 
  • Wireless Security 
  • Implementation of security technologies 
  • Data backup 
  • Telecommunications networks 
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment 
  • Audits and compliance 
  • Security Operational Center 
  • Cybersecurity posture assessment 
  • Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Internet Security of Objects 
  • Cyber Security Awareness 
  • Phishing service 
  • IP telephony services 
  • Security architecture 
  • Network communications security 
  • Mobile Security 
Services de cybersécurité additionnels offerts par Sunphinx

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