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SUNPHINX is a growing organization. Our mission is to protect the assets of organizations against cybercrime threats. Do you share our passion?

SUNPHINX is all about people and positive relationships, first and foremost with our customers, but also with our employees. We recognize that only happy employees will be able to provide the level of service we aspire to in order to keep our customers completely satisfied. This is why ensuring a dynamic, stimulating and young work environment remains our top priority.

At SUNPHINX, we are committed to diversity and equitable access to employment opportunities based on the ability and motivation to advance in your career.

    Security Analyst

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Develop, deploy and operate analytical tools
    • Evaluate different security products and analysis tools
    • Install appropriate security products
    • Participate in the development of solutions to mitigate risks
    • Participate in a planning of the management of authentication, authorization and traceability (access management according to roles and profiles)
    • Ensure compliance with the incident handling procedure
    • Ensure the performance and security of all technological components
    • Write and maintain up-to-date documentation related to computer security, then ensure its distribution and availability
    • Produce reports, security advisories and see to the maintenance and evolution of alert rules
    • 4 years experience in IT 2 years of experience in cybersecurity
    • Ability to work on several mandates of medium complexity simultaneously
    • Risk analysis and management capacity
    • Functional knowledge of English
    • Ability to adapt one’s language to a business level
    Location: City of Montreal, at a distance, the choice is yours
    Type of position: Permanent or contractual

    Security Architecture Advisor

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Develop and review security architectures for complex systems;
    • Identify security objectives in compliance with security policies and standards;
    • Conceptualize and implement security management solutions;
    • Act as a technical expert for clients;
    • Define technical security specifications in contracts;
    • Conduct security audits and monitor compliance with procedures;
    • Evaluate the residual risk in the event of a discrepancy between the defined and implemented architecture.


    • 10 years of experience in the field of information technology;
    • A minimum of 5 years in information security;
    • 4 years experience in security architecture (confidentiality, authentication, identity and access, standards, policies, intrusion detection, security perimeter, etc.);
    • A minimum of a DEC in computer science or information technology.
    Location: City of Montreal, remotely, the choice is yours
    Type of position: Permanent or contractual


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