Our company

Our company

A dedicated team

A strategic asset for more than 12 years.

SUNPHINX has been securing your IT environment for more than 12 years by ensuring the protection of your systems and the preservation of your confidential data in accordance with your business strategies and priorities. 

Acting on the premise of perpetual threats, SUNPHINX applies the continuous response protection methodIt responds in proactive mode to the life cycle of cyber attacks, allowing rapid adaptation to changing internal and external conditions. 

Our business model

Business Model

Mission & Vision

Our vision

Increase the prosperity of organizations by reducing their risk level. 

Our Mission Statement

Ensure your peace of mind by guaranteeing the protection of your assets and the success of your business through a clear understanding of your cybersecurity needs. Establish a lasting relationship based on collaboration and trust. Rely on the experience and versatility of our teams while keeping abreast of the latest technological developments, in order to offer you the best possible solutions to achieve your business objectives. 

Our goal is to help clients protect their information and information systems, meet compliance requirements and preserve their image and reputation. 

Our values

Respect, Authenticity and Integrity allow us to maintain a healthy relationship between our staff, our customers, our partners and our suppliers.
Objectivity and Quality allow us to provide services of superior value that meet the expectations of our clients. 

At SUNPHINX, the quality of our work is our priority. Our team of experts passionate about cybersecurity will work for you with rigor and professionalism while maintaining a pleasant and fun work environment with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of cybersecurity. 


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