Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Services

Protect your critical data, monitor your environment for intrusions, and respond to security incidents with 24/7 managed security services. 

Before using managed security services, we recommend that you first assess your cybersecurity posture to ensure you know where you stand in terms of your security, what you’re missing and how far you want to go. 

Why Managed Security Services? 

In today’s digital world, organizations of all types and sizes need to protect their critical data from data breaches and intrusions. Unfortunately, most don’t have the time, money, or resources to monitor their environment themselves. That’s where a managed security services provider (MSSP) comes in. 

As an integrated security partner, we take the costly and time-consuming work of security monitoring out of your IT department, freeing you up to keep your infrastructure in top condition. With 24/7 managed security services, you can enhance your organization’s security to protect your business and maximize your return on investment. You can focus on your business with the peace of mind that your environment is secure at all times. 

What you will get?

  • Dedicated team of security experts

    • Complement your internal IT team with certified security experts 
    • Benefit from global security expertise and threat intelligence 
    • Get help and practical recommendations from an information security specialist dedicated to your organization
  • Cost and time optimization

    • No need to buy expensive technology
    • No need to hire your own security staff
    • No time wasted reviewing your logs
    • Optimize your time to focus on your priorities while we take care of your security needs
  • Compliance requirements

    • 24/7 log monitoring for PCI DSS compliance 
    • Self-Service Vulnerability Scanning 
    • Improved alignment with security control frameworks (CIS 20 CSC, NIST, ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA) 

More Informations

  • Why choose managed security services?

    • Facilitates skills management 
    • Meets the needs of a variety of expertise 
    • Frees your organization from the complexities of infrastructure management 
    • Reduces and controls your operating costs 
    • Increases responsiveness to cyber-attacks 
    • Allows you to optimize and maintain operational cost reductions while meeting the company’evolutionary needs. 
  • What are the benefits of taking managed security services?

    • Take advantage of flexible and scalable management in line with your real needs. 
    • Gaining access to customized expertise. 
    • Increase the cost and productivity benefits of your operations while an external security team protects your business in real time, 24/7. 
    • Automate day-to-day operations to allow your team to focus on the skills that keep you at the top of your industry. 
    • Freeing yourself from the burden of compliance. Specialists ensure that your technology systems comply with national and international rules and regulations. 
    • Stabilize the budget. Low implementation costs and equal monthly payments mitigate cash flow and budget forecasting difficulties. 
    • Evolve with the trends in your industry thanks to a team of experts constantly on the lookout. 
  • What types of decision making are conducive to this?


    • For senior management, we offer a pyramid view of your organization’s risk exposure in terms of information security and its consequences on your business objectives. 
    • For IT security managers, we offer an operational perspective of your organization’s security posture to facilitate effective decisions for planning security operations and executing day-to-day activities. 
    • For security and IT analysts, we offer tools to identify threats, respond to incidents, manage vulnerabilities and support day-to-day information security operations. 

Managed Security Services

Remote monitoring and management

Network monitoring and management

Encryption and email management

Office Suite M365

Next generation Antivirus/Anti-Spam

Advanced Threat Protection/Anti-Phishing

Multi-factor authentication

Intrusion Detection Detection Monitoring and Management (IDF)

Security Compliance Services (PCI, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR)

WIFI Security

Component safety monitoring and management

Next generation firewall and management

Web filtering

Cybersecurity Governance Framework

Data backup/recovery

Dark web monitoring

User Awareness Training

Ongoing vulnerability analysis and management

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Technologies

Threat Intelligence

Security software fixes, updates and patches

Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

Network and Security Assessment

Microsoft cloud computing evaluation

Monitoring and management of safety-critical event logs (SIEM)

24x7 monitoring and alerting with response and escalation (SOC)

Security incident detection and response (MDR)

End Point Detection and Response (EDR)

Prevention of data loss

Mobile Security

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